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Transport Security Cameras


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The Benefits of a Transport Security Camera

  • Increase safety during payment transactions

  • Create a safe environment for passengers and drivers

Prevent crime & deter criminals

  • Reduce liability in cases of accidents

  • Hold drivers accountable

  • Provide evidence when needed

Reduce liability

  • Offers extra safety for both passengers and drivers

  • required by law in Passenger Transport Vehicles across Australia

Meet regulatory requirements

  • Prevent crime & deter criminals

  • Create a safe environment for passengers and drivers

  • Increase safety during payment transactions

  • Provide evidence when needed

  • Hold drivers accountable

  • Provide a safe work environment

  • Reduce liability in cases of accidents

  • Meet regulatory requirements

Security Camera Kit

Our complete Refurbished Security Camera Kit includes a CCC Mark 1 internal camera, external camera and mobile digital video recorder box (MDVR). Includes 6 month warranty.


Enhanced Security

  • Audio & Video Capable

  • Recording automatically commences when the vehicle is turned on and automatically ceases 30 minutes after the vehicle is turned off.

  • Internal, External and Forward Facing Camera

MDVR Box Capability

  • MDVR Box is Capable of Connecting 4 Cameras 

  • Up to 288 Hours Recording Time with Automatic Override

Government Approved

  • Government approved for taxi use

  • Complies with requires for all states and territories in Australia

  • Audio is disabled at installation for vehicles in states where audio is prohibited

Approved & Suitable for Use Australia Wide

The "CCC Mark 1" is an approved taxi security camera that meets the requirements of all Passenger Transport regulators in Australia. Registered as the Crown Cabs Camera Mark 1 you will find approval details on the following sites:

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