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  • Forward Facing Security Camera
SKU: 632835642834572

Forward Facing Security Camera


The CCC Mark 1 forward facing security camera records the road ahead, capturing any collisions, crashes or accidents. Forward facing, also known as dash cams, are becoming a common feature for passenger transport vehicles as an added safety measure to give drivers and passengers added peace of mind.

  • The front facing security camera, or dash cam, begins recording as soon as the vehicle is turned on and continues recording 30 minutes at the conclusion of a journey before automatically switching off. This ensures that the front of the vehicle is still being recorded well after the vehicle has been switched off.

    Our front facing camera records video at a high crisp quality giving vehicle owners comfort in knowing any accident or damage will be captured clearly.

    Additional Information;

    • Up to three (3) years manufacturer's warranty - Depending on which state the camera is used in
    • Government approved
    • This price does not include installation or freight
    • Installation MUST be completed by an authorised installer.
  • Shipping is not included and will be added at checkout.
    Pick up available from: Tullamarine VIC

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