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​From humble beginnings as a driver to operating a fleet of 120 taxi vehicles – Tuna Guclu spotted an opportunity in the security camera market that wasn’t being met in the taxi industry.

Cameras were either of poor performance quality or exorbitantly expensive for the modest taxi driver.

Over 26 years in the taxi industry


To provide Australia’s best and most affordable security camera system for the passenger transport industry.

So, in 2017, Tuna started supplying security cameras through Crown Cabs & SLYYK with the goal to provide inexpensive taxi cameras to the Victorian market.


Fast forward to now, and Transport Security Cameras now services all of Australia with their trademark CCC Mark1 Security Camera.


The CCC Mark1 Security Camera system provides both drivers and passengers with peace of mind during their journey which has always been the ultimate goal of our business.

The CCC Mark1 Security Camera

Tuna Guclu - Transport Security Founder

Tuna’s reputation in the taxi industry is unparalleled and is where he has drawn his inspiration and passion for the passenger transport industry. A few notable ventures that Tuna has been credited for:

-       Founded Crown Hire Cars (Limo)
-       Founded Crown Cabs Taxi Service – Melbourne & Perth
-       Co-founder of TaxiEpay in car EFTPOS terminals
-       Founded Taxi Brokers Melbourne
-       Licensed Taxi Broker
-       11 Years Representing Victorian Taxi Association (VTA) as Councillor for North West Region Area
-       Accredited Melbourne Network Service Provider
-       Free Appraisals to Country Fleet Owner/Operators

Tuna now offers his services consulting to the Transport Security Cameras team. We take great pride in our product and service offering at Transport Security Cameras and look forward to providing you with Australia’s best and most affordable security camera.

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