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  • Is the camera approved by State Transport Regulators?
    Yes, our CCC Mark 1 meets the specifications and requirements for use in every state and territory in Australia. It is also approved by the regulators in the states that require this process ie. Queensland, Western Australian & Victoria.
  • How long does installation take?
    Installation takes between 2 - 4 hours depending on your vehicle make and model. ​Transport Security Cameras must be installed by an approved and licensed camera installer.
  • ​How is the external camera mounted?
    There are two options for mounting the external camera. The camera is mounted using a custom adhesive and you have the option of wiring passing through a small hole in the roof or being fed through door trim.
  • ​Do I need to buy both the internal and external cameras?
    We are happy to customise and sell the unit with the amount of cameras you require. Each unit can have up to four cameras. We can advise you of the regulatory requirements for your vehicle in your state.
  • ​Who can download the footage from the camera?
    Each state has varying requirements and laws regarding downloading footage from approved cameras in passenger transport vehicles. We abide by these requirements and have approved downloading service centres. Contact us on 1300 12 13 14 for the details of the downloading service centre nearest you. ​ Downloading information: Queensland
  • ​How long do I have to get the footage downloaded?
    Each state has specific requirements. It is typically recommended that security camera downloads are made as soon as possible after the incident to avoid the overwriting of the recording.
  • Why would I put a camera in my booked hire vehicle in QLD?
    Booked hire, limousine and rideshare vehicles in QLD must have an approved camera in their vehicle to accept cash or credit card, immediately before, during or after the journey. Installing an approved camera gives the operator/driver opportunity to expand their business and accept card or cash from clients. The booking must always be made in advance, through a BEA.

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