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  • Maxi Van Taxi Security Camera Kit
SKU: 366615376135191

Maxi Van Taxi Security Camera Kit


Our complete Maxi Van Taxi Kit includes a CCC Mark 1 internal camera, external camera, mobile digital video recorder box (MDVR) and two additional cameras of your choice - we recommend an additional internal camera and external camera.

  • The CCC Mark 1 internal camera records the inside of a vehicle, capturing driver and passenger behaviour. Most taxis, cabs require an internal security camera by law with rideshare vehicles encouraged to install an internal camera for the safety of their drivers and passengers.

    The CCC Mark 1 external camera records the outside of a vehicle, capturing driver and passenger behaviour. Most taxis, cabs and rideshare vehicles only need one external transport security camera on the drivers side in order to capture any event outside of the vehicle. The addition of another external security camera on the passenger side of the vehicle will only add more safety and a larger viewable area around the vehicle giving taxi drivers and passengers peace of mind.

    Both security cameras begin recording as soon as the vehicle is turned on and continues recording 30 minutes at the conclusion of a journey before automatically switching off. This ensures that drivers and passengers are still being recorded well after the vehicle has been switched off.

    The maxi kit is perfect for maxi taxis, larger rideshare vehicles as well as courier vehicles who are after extra driver security.

    The CCC Mark 1 Maxi Kit Includes:

    • 1 x Internal Camera
    • 1 x External Camera
    • Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR)
    • 2 x additional cameras of your choice
    • Cables
    Additional Information:
    • Up to three (3) years manufacturer's warranty - Depending on which state the camera is used in.
    • Government approved
    • Both audio and video recording capabilities for internal camera
    • This price does not include installation or freight.
    • Installation MUST be completed by an authorised installer.
    Internal Camera:
    • 1.3 Mega PIXELPLUS Sensor
    • Resolution 960P
    • 130 Degree Wide View Angle
    • 2.1 mm Lens
    • Body Size 126x30x100mm
    • Audio Recording
    External Camera:
    • 1.3 Megapixel Horizontal Resolution
    • 2.8 mm Lens
    • Body Size 90x75x60mm
    • Can operate in temperatures from -30°c to 70°c
  • Shipping is not included and will be added at checkout.
    Pick up available from: Tullamarine VIC

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