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Why Your Rideshare Vehicle Should Have A Transport Security Camera

Updated: Apr 28

For several years now the Taxi industry has had to install mandatory security cameras in their vehicles. The reason for this legislation is for two reasons;

  1. To protect the driver from unruly passengers or altercations that may result in verbal or physical harm.

  2. To protect passengers from drivers where altercations in a verbal or physical nature may have occurred.

The importance of installing a transport security camera is the way in which it deters a variety of incidences – verbal/physical assault, non-payments and damages to the vehicle - as well as providing evidence in the case where a crime has been committed.

Why transport security cameras should be installed in all rideshare vehicles

​Currently, there is no law requiring rideshare drivers to install transport security cameras in their vehicles. This can only be a matter of time as more and more incidences of discrimination, sexual, verbal & physical assault and damage are reported.

A safety report released by Uber in 2018 showed that in that year alone, nearly 6,000 passenger sexual assaults occurred which included 464 instances of rape. This does not include the many instances that were not reported. A union survey conducted in Australia found a staggering 17% of drivers experienced some form of verbal or sexual assault from passengers.

In Queensland, Transport security cameras are also mandatory in taxi, limousine & ride-booking vehicles where any cash or credit card transactions are taking place. This is to protect the driver from an incidence where a customer refuses to pay after the service has been conducted whilst also protecting the passenger.

An internal camera that records visual and audio for safety of both parties

​It is clear to see that both passengers and drivers deserve to be in an environment where both parties can feel safe which is why the inclusion of a transport security camera can be of such benefit. Other reasons to include a transport security camera are;

  • Records all incidents both in the vehicle and outside

  • Reassures both driver and passenger

  • Improves safety of the drive

  • Promotes better driver and passenger behaviour

Issues around the cost of implementing a security camera have arisen with representatives from Uber stating that drivers won’t be able to afford the cost as half of all drivers only drive around 10 hours a week. This problem can be avoided whereby a driver that decides to install a transport security camera in their vehicle can operate as an independent operator and add a slight premium to passengers who no doubt will be happy to incur the cost knowing their safety is now a priority.

Rideshare drivers should want to have a transport security in their vehicle for their own protection whilst passengers too should be insisting on rideshare operators like Uber, Didi and Ola to make it mandatory for security camera installation.


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