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WA Taxi Camera Law

By 1 July 2021, all rank or hail PTVs (taxis) in WA must have a suitable type of camera surveillance unit (CSU) - this includes all regional taxis. 

Any taxis, limousines or rideshares that use Verifeye VA-4600 and MTI Sigtec MK4 devices are not suitable for use after 1 July. Any taxi with one of these devices installed will need to replace it with a compliant CSU device. 

The CCC Mark 1 Transport Security Camera is a leading camera surveillance unit in Australia.
Our Camera Surveillance Units have been assessed, approved and recommended by the WA Department of Transport. 

Taxi Security Camera Countdown

​The Most Affordable & Reliable Vehicle Security Cameras in Australia

Experience The CCC Mark 1 Transport Security Camera Difference

The CCC Mark1 covers all of your transport security camera requirements for your taxi, limousine, hire car or rideshare vehicles. 

  • Audio & Video Capable

  • Up to 288 hours recording time with automatic override

  • MDVR Box is capable of connecting 4 cameras 

  • ​External cameras installed to your preference

  • Manufacturers' Warranty

  • Latest Technology

The CCC Mark 1 transport security camera has the capability to record both images and audio. Audio is disabled at installation for vehicles in states where audio is prohibited. Recording automatically commences when the vehicle is turned on and automatically ceases 30 minutes after the vehicle is turned off. Our state of the art system allows for up to 288 hours of recording time.  

  • Government approved for taxi use

Bulk Pricing Available for Fleets & Networks

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