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Transport Security Cameras For Your Truck

Transport Security Cameras provide internal and external security cameras and dashcams for the trucking industry. Our CCC Mark1 is not only reliable but one of Australia’s most affordable security cameras.
If you are a truck owner or fleet operator, installing a security camera for the safety of your drivers should be a top priority. The installation of a forward facing dashcam, which records entire logistical journeys, is another worthwhile investment so that any damage or accidents that occur to your vehicle can be reviewed for evidence.

Features of the CCC Mark1
The CCC Mark1 covers all of your security camera and dashcam requirements for your truck in order to keep your driver and members of the public safe. 

• Audio & Video Capable
• Up to 288 Hours Recording Time with Automatic Override
• MDVR Box is Capable of Connecting 4 Cameras
• Forward Facing Camera For Driver POV 
• External & Internal Cameras Installed to your Preference
• Manufacturers' Warranty up to 3 Years (State Specific)
• Latest Technology

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Why your Truck needs a Security Camera Dashcam
The safety of a truck driver, whether as an individual or fleet owner, should be of paramount importance.
A transport security camera helps to monitor the cab of a truck for any instances where a driver may encounter danger or assault during a routine rest stop during a logistics journey.
A transport security camera also helps to monitor driver behaviour to ensure road safety and encourage high driving standards.

Installing a forward facing dashcam can also be hugely beneficial to a truck owner as it provides complete coverage of a journey should any accidents or issues arise where visual evidence is required.
For more information about our product range and which transport security camera kit best suits your trucking needs, feel free to contact us today! 

Security Camera Truck Solutions

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