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Transport Security Cameras For Your Taxi Vehicle

Transport Security Cameras have been providing dependable internal and external security cameras to the taxi industry for over 3 years. Having been founded by a taxi owner, with over 26 years of industry experience, Transport Security Cameras was established with the taxi driver in mind who was seeking a reliable, easy to use and most importantly, affordable, security cameras for their taxi vehicle. 

​Features of the CCC Mark1
The CCC Mark1 covers all of your security camera and dashcam requirements for your taxi in order to keep you and your passengers safe. 

​• Audio & Video Capable
• Up to 288 Hours Recording Time with Automatic Override
• MDVR Box is Capable of Connecting 4 Cameras
• External, Internal & Forward Facing Cameras Installed to your Preference
• Manufacturers' Warranty up to 3 Years (State Specific) 
• Latest Technology
• Government Approved for Taxi Use

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​Why your Taxi needs a Security Camera Dashcam
Importantly, it is now mandatory for all Taxi’s Australia wide to have a security camera installed in their vehicle. The reason for this law is;

  1. To protect the driver from unruly passengers or altercations that may result in verbal or physical harm.

  2. To protect passengers from drivers where altercations in a verbal or physical nature may have occurred.

Both passengers and drivers deserve to be in an environment where both parties can feel safe which is why the inclusion of a transport security camera dashcam in your taxi can be of such value. Reasons to include a transport security camera in your taxi;

• Records all incidents both in the vehicle and outside
• Reassures both driver and passenger
• Improves safety of the driver
• Promotes better driver and passenger behaviour  

For more information about our product range and which transport security camera kit best suits your taxi needs, feel free to contact us today! ​

Security Camera Taxi Solutions

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