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Transport Security Cameras For Your Rideshare Vehicle

​Transport Security Cameras offer reliable internal and external security cameras for the rideshare industry.
If you are an Uber, Didi or Ola driver in need of a dependable security camera or dashcam in your vehicle then we have the most affordable security camera in Australia!
Features of the CCC Mark1
The CCC Mark1 covers all of your security camera and dashcam requirements for your rideshare vehicle in order to keep you and your passengers safe.

​​ • Audio & Video Capable
 • Up to 288 Hours Recording Time with Automatic Override
 • MDVR Box is Capable of Connecting 4 Cameras
 • External, Internal & Forward Facing Cameras Installed to your Preference
 • Manufacturers' Warranty up to 3 Years (State Specific) 
 • Latest Technology ​​
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Why your Rideshare needs a Security Camera Dashcam
Both passengers and drivers deserve to be in an environment where both parties can feel safe which is why the inclusion of a transport security camera dashcam in your rideshare can be of such benefit. Reasons to include a transport security camera in your rideshare;

• Records all incidents both in the vehicle and outside
• Reassures both driver and passenger
• Improves safety of the driver
• Promotes better driver and passenger behaviour
• If you are taking cash or credit card payments, it’s mandatory to install a camera  

Rideshare drivers should want to have a transport security in their vehicle for their own protection whilst passengers too should be insisting on rideshare operators like Uber, Didi and Ola to make it mandatory for security camera installation.
For more information about our product range and which transport security camera kit best suits your rideshare needs, feel free to contact us today! 

Security Camera Rideshare Solutions

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