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​Purchasing Your Own Approved Taxi Camera

You might be wondering, "can I purchase my own camera for my taxi?". The answer is yes, cou can! Avoid paying monthly fees by owning your state approved transport security camera for your passenger transport business. 

A Transport Security Camera offers extra safety for both passengers and drivers, and they’re required by law in Passenger Transport Vehicles across Australia.

Most Taxi drivers & owners lease cameras from their network for an approximate fee of $60 per month. That quickly adds up to over $2,100 after just 3 years of operating a taxi, with lease payments still required going forward.

Transport Security Cameras’ ethos is that drivers should have affordable alternatives to leasing cameras that are required by law to operate. This is why we introduced the ‘CCCMark 1’ camera to the market.

Most taxis, cabs and official transport vehicles only need one external transport security camera in order to capture any event outside of the vehicle. The addition of another external security camera on the passenger side of the vehicle will only add more safety and a larger viewable area around the vehicle giving taxi drivers and passengers peace of mind.

Our complete ‘Taxi Security Camera kit’ includes a CCC Mark 1 internal camera, a CCC Mark 1 external camera, and mobile digital video recorder box (MDVR) for $1,450 total. This is the same price it would cost to lease for just over two years of operation, making it a great option for taxi owners and long-term drivers.

​For the last 10 years, Arjay, one of our clients, has been paying his network $55/month for his camera. That’s a whopping $6600! He purchased his own camera kit from us for $1350 and no longer has to pay that monthly camera fee.

The benefit of purchasing your own Transport Security Camera (instead of leasing!)

How does recording work?

​Approved cameras aren’t like regular ‘dash cams’-they’re not used to document the trip orfor the driver to keep. All footage isrecorded onto an encrypted SD card and footage isavailable for download at approved locations across Australiaonly if an incident is reported.

This secure way of recording and accessing footage ensures maximum privacy for drivers and passengers, as footage isn’t monitored, or even viewed unless it is required. Our approved cameras begin recording as soon as the vehicle is turned on and continues recording 30 minutes at the conclusion of a journey before automatically switching off.

Rideshare vehicles don’t yet require this type of securely monitored surveillance, and unapproved internal facing cameras pose security and confidentiality risks to both drivers and passengers. In some states such as Queensland, it is even illegal.

​Here at Transport Security Cameras, we’re very clued into the requirements for each state and territory so give us a call for any guidance you need. You can also check up on the requirements for your state at the government sites below:

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


​Contact us for more information or request a free quote and we will get back to you with the best price, guaranteed!

Save money by purchasing your own Transport Security Camera (instead of leasing!)

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